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December 11th, 2008

09:17 pm - Asgardian Aftermath
Title: Asgardian Aftermath
Starter: 100_series playing Rufus--king of fail.
Players: As it is related to the simultaneous RP started by Rouge_NTH, Maiden_of_Sin will handle Freya (when she is able, we will wait for you~) and anyone else may also play as characters who would reasonably find themselves in Asgard.
Original Characters: None.
Style: Based on a sequel-AU universe where Rufus has returned to Asgard with Gungnir in hand, much to the chagrin of Freya and the other gods. Freya has banished Hrist to Midgard as punishment for her conduct, where the valkyrie is currently acting out by single-handedly slaughtering armies. Rufus isn't really keen on any side of this situation, but is having trouble preventing these things from happening.

This could only happen to ME.Collapse )

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09:29 am - Something new and maybe different
Title: Everybody, everybody, everybody livin' now. Everybody, everybody, everybody crys.
Starter: rogue_nth playing as Hrist
Players: Anyone zaftgirl in particular as her Lenneth portrayal is awsome. But anyone who wants to jump in is welcome.
Original Characters: None.
Style: AUish (i'm famous for these what can i say i like breaking rules XD.) Its a serious tone. Lenneth sticks around Valhalla as the sole Valkyrie because of Freya,Odin was never restored basically theres still Rufus in place. Hrist has been bandished by Freya for her little stunt before the water mirror but the goddess didn't have the heart to strip all her godhood and well Soverigns Riting the valkyries has never ended well for them so...Shes trying a new method.
Description: This is a battle field, Hrist has gained back her armor and enough of her powers. Shes doing what she does best ruthlessly slaughtering everything in sight, so much so that an army has been raised against her in hopes to draw Freya, or Lenneth down to Midgaurd.

They should just keep her on a leashCollapse )

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October 16th, 2008

12:44 pm - Roll Call
I noticed that there are some of you watching this comm! "Is everyone okay? Answer me if you're alive!" XD

We have a new member, maiden_of_sin who has joined. Please welcome her!

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June 21st, 2008

05:03 pm - I think I killed the RPG
Well... to make a long bad excuse short, I have been thoroughly pwned by life lately. Very stressed. X_x I have not posted here in a long time. I'm very sorry! I have one application to see to as well. So I am thinking that I will unrestrict membership and kick out people if they break the rules. Maybe making the user info less novel-like might help as well. We only have three or four members, and I'm not really able to post much lately.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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April 30th, 2008

06:48 am
Title: 'Biting the Bullet'
Starter: rogue_nth, playing Lenneth
Players: Anyone who wants to play as Hrist, Silmeria, Freya or any Cannon Einherjar
Original Characters: None.
Style: (Edited for clarity) An AU Set after VP:Lenneth/1,with the exception that Hrist wasn't destoryed and Silmeria was recovered but Lenneth has still successfully become a creator.
Description: For the last years things on Midgard have been peaceful, but as all things do the peace is coming to an end and Lenneth must prepare, bite the bullet and summon her sisters and Einherjar again.
Starters OOC side notes: I’m leaving Silmeria and Hrist asleep at the end of this post as not to force anyone to feel they need to play them, if you wish to play one of them just have them wake up.

It was time to bite the bulletCollapse )

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April 29th, 2008

07:11 am - Greetings and Organization!
Welcome to rogue_nth who is our first and only member so far! XD

Seriously, if anyone knows RPers interested in VP, please give them a link to this place.

For now though, we can start whatever game we feel like. If you have an idea, just let me know. I can play pretty much any character or situation. ^^ If you like any of the ones that are up, you can jump into those.

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February 3rd, 2008

06:33 am - Rest in Crell Monferainge
Title: Rest in Crell Monferainge
Starter: 100_series, playing Leone
Players: Anyone who wants to play as Alicia, Rufus, Lezard, Dylan, or Arngrim.
Original Characters: None.
Style: In-game during chapter 3, just prior to the Palace of the Venerated Dragon and squiring the Dragon Orb.
Description: Leone feels that her last days in Alicia's party are beginning.

Preemptive Regret.Collapse )

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06:08 am - The Modern World
Title: The Modern World
Starter: 100_series, playing Rufus~
Players: Anyone may jump in as any available character.
Original Characters: None.
Style: Alternate Universe--modern day. You can adjust characters' personalities and act a bit silly, but no crack please. =/
Description: Rufus's friends drag him out to a party where he feels rather out of place.

Come on, they said.Collapse )

(OOC: Jump on in. :3 You can play as random party-goers, Rufus's aforementioned friends, or even members of the band that are playing!)

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05:49 am - Introduction/ Ask Questions Here!
Welcome to Play Valkyrie!

For information on this community and how to play, please visit the User Info!

This community has open membership, but only members who are approved may post here. To get approved, read the rules and follow the directions found in the User Info.

Please email 100series@gmail.com if you do not have posting access and you would like to ask a question about this community.

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